Exhibitor Information - 2018 Grey Matters Conference

Download the  pdf Exhibitor Application

Thank you for your interest in 2018 Grey Matters Conference. The Conference Planning Committee will review and approve all applications

Please send completed applications to:

Marc Lemire, Conference Planner
301, 93 – 34th Avenue SW
Calgary, AB T2S 3H4
Phone: 403-589-4022
Email: marc@trueyyc.com


Rules and Regulations to Exhibit:

1. Acceptability of Exhibits: All exhibits shall serve the interests and vision of 2018 Grey Matters Conference and shall operate in a manner that will not detract from other exhibits or from the conference.

2. Assignment of space: Sponsors will be offered first priority of assigned space, based upon availability. Exhibitors shall be assigned space based upon availability. 2018 Grey Matters Conference will attempt to honour all requests for exhibit space. Not withstanding the above, 2018 Grey Matters Conference reserves the right to change location assignments at any time, as it may in its sole discretion deem necessary.

3. Payment: Full payment is required prior to September 1, 2018

4. Cancellation: 2018 Grey Matters Conference must be notified in writing in the event of exhibit space cancellation. If cancellation of exhibit occurs, written notification must be received on or before July 31. Written notification prior to July 31, 2018, the exhibitor may be refunded 50% of their exhibitor fee. After July 31, there will be no refund.

5. Restriction on use of space: No exhibitor shall sublet, assign or share any part of the exhibitor space allocated without the written consent of 2018 Grey Matters Conference. Solicitations or demonstrations by exhibitors must be confined within the boundaries of their assigned space. Aisle space will not be used for exhibit purposes, display signs, solicitation or distribution of promotional material. Exhibits, signs and display are also prohibited in any public areas or elsewhere on the premises of the meeting facility, conference centre hallways or guest rooms.

6. Construction of Exhibits: Exhibits shall be constructed and arranged so that they do not obstruct the general view of any other exhibit.

7. Care of exhibits: Nothing shall be posted on, nailed, screwed, or otherwise attached to columns, walls, floors or other parts of the building, or furniture. Any property destroyed or damaged by an exhibitor must be replaced or restored to its original condition by the exhibitor or at the exhibitor’s expense.

8. Cancellation of Conference: If 2018 Grey Matters Conference should be prevented from holding the conference by reason of any cause beyond its control (such as, but not limited to, damage to building, labor disputes, acts of government or acts of God) or if it cannot permit the exhibitor to occupy the space due to causes beyond its control, then 2018 Grey Matters Conference has the right to cancel the conference with no further liability to the exhibitor other than to refund space rental less proportional share of Conference expenses.

9. Security: Security is not provided during 2018 Grey Matters Conference. It is the responsibility of each exhibitor to protect display material from loss or damage. Please be certain that all small display and personal items are secure before leaving the display area, at all times.

10. Compliance: The exhibitor agrees to abide by and comply with the rules of the conference, including amendments that Grey Matters may make from time to time. The exhibitor further assumes all responsibility for compliance with all pertinent laws, ordinances, regulations and codes pertaining to city by laws, provincial and federal laws.

11. Insurance: The exhibitor assumes all responsibility for any and all loss, theft, damage to exhibitor’s displays, equipment and other property while on the Conference Centre premises, and waives any claim or demand it may have against 2018 Grey Matters Conference, TRUE Event Management Inc., AB Association of Senior Centres or its affiliates arising from such loss.

Download the   pdf Exhibitor Application