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                WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 26
                7:00 AM  Breakfast
                7:15 AM  AGM - Alberta Association of Seniors Centres (AASC)
                8:30 AM  Welcome and Opening Remarks
                8:45 AM  Opening Plenary – Dr. David Posen
                        Physician | Bestselling Author
                        Dr. David Posen was a family physician for 17 years before devoting his time exclusively to stress
                        management, lifestyle counselling and psychotherapy in 1985.
                        Stress is a fact of life - but it doesn’t have to be a way of life. Bestselling author, speaker and
                        physician, Dr. David Posen, is one of North America’s leading experts on stress mastery, work-life
                        balance, health, and wellness.  His dynamic presentations have empowered thousands of people
                        to take control of their lives…and come out on top. Combining humour and practical analogies, Dr.
                        Posen helps unlock the mysteries of stress and wellness.
                        Dr. Posen is the author of five bestselling books, Always Change a Losing Game; Staying Afloat
                        When Water Gets Rough; The Little Book of Stress Relief; Is Work Killing You?; and his most recent
                        title, Authenticity.
                10:00 AM  Nutrition Break & Exhibits
                                Enhancing the Mobility of Seniors through Regional Collaborative
                                    Models of Alternate Transportation for Seniors and
                                    Launching a Community of Practice (CoP) Resource
                        Dr. Bonnie Dobbs - Professor in Department of Family Medicine and Director, Medically At-Risk
                        Driver Centre (MARD) at University of Alberta
                        Kathleen Waxer - Director of the Community & Family Services, Municipality of Jasper
                        Wendy Robinson - Family and Community Support Services Supervisor, Yellowhead County
                        Susan Berry - Community Seniors Manager, Sturgeon County
                        Emily Hussey, BSc - Research Coordinator, Medically At-Risk Driver Centre (MARD) at University
                        of Alberta
                                  Truth and Reconciliation, the Response from City of Calgary
                        Lorelei Higgins, BA, MBA - Indigenous Relations Strategist, The City of Calgary
                                         Addressing Elder Abuse in Alberta
                        Lori Therrien, RSW - Elder Abuse Prevention Coordinator, Alberta Seniors and Housing
                                       Balance Your Health: Wellness Made Easy
                        Melanie Fuller, BPE, CSEP, CEP, ACSM, CCEP - Manager, Wellness Programs, Alberta Blue Cross
                11:30 AM  Lunch
                                  Healthy Aging Framework - Report Back to Senior Centres
                        Luanne Whitmarsh - President, Alberta Association of Seniors Centres
                        Karen McDonald, MBA - Executive Director, Sage Seniors Association
                               Insights on Alberta Seniors: What Statistics Canada Data Can Tell Us
                        Stephanie Quigg, MA - Program Policy and Data Analyst, Alberta Seniors and Housing
                                  Art Therapy and the Expressive Arts in Older Adults Groups
                        Marilyn Magnuson, MSW, RSW, RCAT - Express Yourself Child & Family Art Therapy
                1:45 PM  Nutrition Break & Exhibits
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