Page 8 - Grey Matters 2018 Conference Agenda
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                               Let’s Talk Ageism! A Collaborative, Community Approach to Change
                        Donna Durand - Executive Director, Alberta Council on Aging
                        Iman Bukkhari, MA - CEO, Canadian Cultural Mosaic Foundation
                                           Delivering More Than a Meal
                        Christine Hentschel - Client Services Manager, Calgary Meals on Wheels
                2:10 AM  Nutrition Break & Exhibits
                                      Leadership Forged by The Four Horsemen -
                                  Lessons for Leaders from Fires, Floods, Pestilence and War
                        Steven Armstrong, MSc - Leadership Expert, Speaker and Author of You Can’t Lead From Behind
                           What Family Caregivers Say: Surprising and Not So Surprising Results from New Research
                        Allegra Samaha, MSW (c), RSW - Research Lead, Alberta Health Services Inpatient Social Worker,
                        South Health Campus
                        Briana Nickel, BSc - Research Team Member
                           When a Community Speaks…A Shared Journey to Wellness for Staff and Residents
                        Sarah Price, B.A.Sc, Director of Service
                        Krista Tweed, MA, Manager of Learning & Development
                        Barbara Hagen, MA, RSW, Regional Manager
                        Silvera for Seniors
                         Hearing Matters for an Aging Population: Research Findings and Evidence-based Recom-
                                    mendations for Communication and Hearing Loss
                        Sharron Nixon; Alan Jones - Hearing Services Coordinators, Deaf & Hear Alberta
                        Dr. Carrie Scarff, R. Aud, Ph.D, Registered Clinical Audiologist, Director of Audiology, Audiology
                        Innovations, Board Member, Deaf and Hear Alberta
                3:40 PM  SESSION BREAK
                                        Strategic Planning for Seniors Centres
                        Justin Solamillo, BSW, MSW - Community Development Officer, Alberta Culture and Tourism
                        Connecting with Others Never Grows Old - The Value of Multimedia Marketing in Addressing
                                Social Isolation and Building Inclusive Age Friendly Communities
                        Haidong Liang, PhD, Project & Facility Manager
                        Westend Seniors Activity Centre
                                         No Longer Silent: LGBT Older Adults
                        Diana Wark, RSW - Training Centre Facilitator, Calgary Sexual Health Centre
                                 How can our Continuing Care System Help Albertans Age Well
                        Christine Walsh, MSc, MSW, PhD, RSW, Professor and Associate Dean Research, Faculty of Social
                        Work, University of Calgary; Mare Donly, MSW, RSW, BSs, Volunteer with GSWAG and with Early
                        Onset Dementia Support Group; Linda McFarlane, BSc, BSW, MSW, Volunteer with GSWAG and
                        Patient/family advisor, Alberta Health Serving Continuing Care Committee
                5:00 PM  Closing Remarks
                5:15 PM  Transportation to Evening Event
                6:00 PM -  Networking Reception at the Kerby Centre
                8:00 PM  Join us for a fun and relaxing evening in “Margaritaville”, complete with a live tribute band!  A
                        variety of food options included.  Cash bar will be open.
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