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                  September 2018

                                     A MESSAGE FROM MAYOR NENSHI

                  On behalf of the citizens of Calgary and my City Council colleagues, it is my pleasure to welcome you to
                  the  Grey  Matters  Conference  2018,  co‐hosted  by  the  Alberta  Seniors  and  Housing  and  the  Alberta
                  Association of Seniors Centres!
                  This vibrant two‐day conference provides an opportunity for seniors service providers to network and
                  increase  the  awareness  of  issues,  supports  and  services  especially  set  out  for  our  incredible  senior
                  community.    A  conference  such  as  this  also  lends  to  the  mission  of  promoting  visibility,  growth,
                  development, expansion and quality of Senior Centres in Alberta.
                  I would like to recognize all of the organizers and volunteers who made this event possible.  I hope that
                  those of you visiting Calgary have the opportunity to explore all our city has to offer.  We are honoured
                  to be your host, and look forward to seeing you again soon.

                  Naheed K. Nenshi
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