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                                 c/o 1904 13 Ave, Lethbridge, AB  T1H 4W9
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                 September 24, 2018
                 Welcome to the 2018 Grey Matters conference! We are proud to partner with the Government of
                 Alberta, Seniors and Housing Ministry.
                 Senior Centres are the gateway to activity, connectivity, safety, learning and volunteering. There
                 are many types of Senior Centres; large and small, rural and urban, and we operate
                 independently. But, the core principles we share are our desire to provide opportunities for older
                 people to access information, learn new skills, having fun and giving back, all in a safe setting.
                 All Senior Centres are vital to the overall fabric of ensuring the older person’s needs and desires
                 are met and are done so with professionalism, resilience and kindness.
                 The Grey Matters conference has a long legacy of facilitating a gathering space where older
                 people and professionals come together annually to learn best practices and share resources. The
                 conference this year has a dedicated stream of workshops and presentations specific to Senior
                 Centres and we genuinely hope you find them educational and interesting.
                 Enjoy the conference. Make a new contact and follow it up. Learn a new best practice. Have fun.
                 And, let us know if you need any help during the conference.

                 Luanne Whitmarsh | President
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