Page 3 - Grey Matters 2018 Conference Agenda
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                                         Message from Honourable Lori Sigurdson
                                            Minister of Seniors and Housing

                                On behalf of the Government of Alberta, it is my pleasure to welcome
                                delegates to Calgary for the Grey Matters 2018 Conference.
                   This year’s conference theme is Our Community Gathers, Listening, Learning and Leading.
                   Gathering together can help dispel isolation, encourage understanding, and create positive
                   solutions for the future. Our community is stronger when we open up and learn from one
                   This gathering has an important role to play in shaping a positive future for seniors in Alberta
                   and throughout Canada. There are now more than 580,000 seniors in Alberta. This vibrant and
                   diverse group continues to grow. We want to ensure they are supported with the best care and
                   services now and in the future.
                   Here at Grey Matters, you are surrounded by other caring professionals who share similar goals,
                   experiences and challenges. Take this opportunity to listen and learn from each other, to explore
                   new ideas and ways of approaching our tasks. Together, we can help and inspire one another to
                   do our very best work.
                   Have a wonderful conference.

                   Lori Sigurdson
                   Minister of Seniors and Housing
                   September 2018
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